I am running a grassroots effort.  I am spending my time doing the subcommittee work and board work already assigned to me as a Board Of Education Director.  I am networking, meeting for coffee (or tea) and speaking my beliefs based on the experience, knowledge and opportunities I have already had serving my community.  I will meet with individuals and groups to provide authentic listening and honest conversations.   I want to get my work and words out to this community to prove that I am the best candidate for a 4-year term on the Summit Board of Education.  


As you know, running a successful campaign depends on some financial help of loyal friends and supporters like you.  I am looking for multiple ways that you can help me win this election: get out and vote, spread the word, meet with me, endorse my campaign, volunteer your time or provide a donation.  I am not in the business of fundraising, but there is a small amount of revenue needed to make this campaign successful.  Your money will help with postcards, advertisement and small amounts of campaign supplies such as this website.  By becoming a supporter with as little as $25, you become an important part of the political process.  


Donate to the Campaign

I can accept donations by check, direct deposit in to my campaign account, and through PayPal. 

You will not only receive the satisfaction of helping a local, educated and passionate candidate, but you will get a THANK YOU, and form for your records.  And best of all- you will get Johanna Kugler for Board of Education for the next four years!



Make checks payable to:

Johanna Kugler for BOE

Mail to:

Johanna Kugler for BOE

P.O. Box 7144, Dillon CO 80435


Make an immediate and  secure donation through PayPal



Direct Payment

I have a campaign account set up at Alpine Bank.  If you wish to make a direct payment to this account, please contact me for account information:



I am Contributing:

If you are mailing a contribution, please make your check payable to Johanna Kugler for BOE and send to:

Johanna Kugler for BOE
P.O. Box 7144
Dillon, CO 80435

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